Flora and Fauna

The enormous floral and faunal diversity of uttarakhand himalayas is well renowned.It consists of five national parks and six wildlife sanctuaries. More than 600 species of permanent and migrated birds are found in the valleys of uttarakhand himalayas. More than 121 species of major mammals are found in this valley. Hundreds of tree species and innumerable kind of flowers, herbs and insects can also be see around camping. Nanda devi biosphere reserve and valley of flowers are two world heritage sites and attracks scientists, researchers, students and nature lovers from all around the world.


Uttarakhand himalayas home for many rare and endangered species of mammals and birds like monal ( state bird ), snow leopard, musk deer, snow cock and some pieces of snow partridge and vultures. Many species of birds and mammals migrate to alpine region because they can survive up to temperate forest region. Jim cobett national park is famous For tigers in terai(foothill )of uttarakhand himalayas. Many species like bharal, sambar, thar, leopard ,blue sheep, beer, some species of deer, etc. Are found in abundance .the greater himalayas the existence of more than 551 species of permanent and migrant birds like monal, snow patridge,snowcock, some rare species of owls, flinch, swift, kingfisher, vulture, eagle , help in creation of heavenly atmosphere.


Highly diverse vegetation of uttarakhand himalayas has always been a great context of research . To study the unique vegetation and huge number of research scientists and students come here at the himalayan ranges . Innumerable alpine herbs and flowers of uttarakhand have specific space in traditional andModern medication therapy . Several lifesaving herbs in uttarakhand himalayas are yet to be identified.