Bird Watching

Across the dark green forest floated the pure white ribbon of snow which mystifies tourists. Tigers will be on your mind while you think about wildlife sancturies and valleys, but you will immediately forget when you look around the environment of valley and realize that the rarest of species are available here. Over many vacation tour this would be the most memorable moment of watching birds of bewildering variety. In harbouring well over half of India's bird species, greater than any other state, Uttarakhand has more than its fair share of avian diversity. Uttarakhand is blessed with a dizzying range of altitude from near sea level to several peaks over 7000 mtr high and contains dozens of kinds of wetlands, forests, grassland, agricultural lands and human settlement. This diversity of conditions and habitat provides food, shelter and other needs for an incredible variety of wildlife, including birds. And a sign of the popularity of bird watching as an activity was provided recently when more than 1200 people landed up for the Uttarakhand bird festival at the Asan conservation reserve near Dehradun.

It is impossible to stay inside, how ever cold it maybe, when all kinds of enticing bird calls are taking place outside.

The varied species of birds in its natural habitat can be observed in Chopta.The bird watching in Chopta is the best experience which relaxes our mind and soul. More than 551 species of birds are fund in this valley. The chirping of birds and cool salubrious breeze makes the morning perfect here which make worth every moment. March to September is regarded the best time to visit for bird watching. The famous himalayan monal s, laughter thrust and bearded vultures can be spoted in this area.the information and local names of the birds can be get from your guide from alpine adventure camp, who knows exactly where to spot these species of birds.