Anusuya Mata Trek/Atri Muni Ashram

In the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand awayfrom 30 km of Alpine camp chopta is located the magnificent temple of Anusuya Mata. In the beautiful litigant of nature is located the temple Anusuya Mata which depicts the religious nature of India. This temple is dedicated to goddess Sati. The environment of this place is very religious and soothing to eyes which attract pilgrims and travellers. The path of this temple passes through middle of the lap of the Himalayas which leads to the picturesque scenery of nature. Since this temple is most historical so many beliefs are related to its presence.

Anusuya Mata legend :

Being the most historical ancient temple, the legendary tale is related to the temple, which inflicts the belief of the religiousness of its people. The story is related to Devi Anusuyaand her husband Atri Muni. Since Atri Muni made this place a place for his salvation. Devi Anusuya built a hut and started living there. It is said that Devi Anusuya’s dedication towards her husband was spread in three loks. The awakened sense of jealous in Devi Parvati, Devi Lakashmi and Devi Saraswati leads them to force their husbands to go and test Devi Anusuya. Gods of the ladies tried to explain them but after insisting so much the gods went to the Muni Atri Ashram.

The gods went to DeviAnusuya and asked for food, whenDevi Anusuya offered food to sages they put an unacceptable condition in front of Devi Anusuya. The sages demanded DeviAnusuya to serve food without clothes. DeviAnusuya closed her eyes and remembered her husband and she had an intuition that these are gods in disguise. She accepted their demands but put a condition infornt of them that she would do only if these sages will become her sons. All the three gods accepted it and had food served by DeviAnusuya. All the three gods started living there. After a long time when Shivji,Vishnujiand Bhramaji didn’t reached their respective place their wives got worried and they collectively came to DeviAnusuya and apologised for the test and requested to free their husband from her sons.And since after this incident this place is famous for the Mata Sati.

On the occasion of Dattareya Jayante which falls every year in the month of December, huge fair is organised which attracts both pilgrims and tourists. People from far away places come to see the Atrimuni Ashram and 70 mtr water fall.


Day 1 : Delhi – Alpine Adventure Camp (Duggalbitta) Night stay at Luxery Swiss Tents

Day 2 : Alpine Base Camp (Duggalbitta) to Anusuya Mata Temple/Atri Muni Ashram.

(30 kms by vehicle and 6kms trekking. One Side) Over Night stay at back to Alpine adventure camp (Duggalbitta)

Day 3 : Rest at camp side or you can enjoy adventure sports Cycling- 30 Km Chopta to Kund (One side)

Or you can enjoy Rock Climbing Rappelling, Chess, Caram board Etc.

Day 4 : Back to your nexy Journey