About Us

Why we’re here

Living in Himalayas is a wonderful experience, the clean water, blowing breezes and countless trees. I grew up here and it's always been my dream to make Himalayas easily accessible to anyone who would like to visit, since it is not easy to live in Himalayas. For the people who live in Himalayas understand how to survive the environment, but we make Himalayas an easy accessible place for tourists and everyone.

Alpine adventure pitched its first tent in September 2012 to make traveling and accommodation fun for adventures who love nature.

Location of alpine camp :

Alpine Adventure Camp is in Chopta valley in state of Uttarakhand, in the middle of dense pine forest and the tall Himalayas. We are sustainable set of 10 tents all run by local young people who know the Himalayas best. We know the trails, the mountains, berries, where to get the best tea and jam, how to tell if a storm is coming. We have faced storms and flood.

Founder :

My name is Manoj Negi, I am the entrepreneur who started my sustainable enterprise with the goal, and dream that we could make it sustainable, have lots of friends visit from around the world and to create jobs for young people where i live, who otherwise would move to cities, just like I did, in search of work. I missed the Gharwal Himalayas, clean air and love of my people, so i m back!

Most of the young people from rural Himalayas migrate to the plains to seek employment and leave back the beautiful home and loving families. Manoj a resident of Ushada( a village near Chopta ) worked in Delhi for four years before he returned to his beautiful Garhwali village to start and ecotourism camp. Manoj's camps has provided an opportunity for his village people permanent and seasonal employment as well as provided a market to the local farmers and artists to sell their production.

Alpine adventure camp offers you adventure gateway - you can excess temples, mountains trials -you can choose your favourite spot and cover it in a day time and be back before the sun sets!

Manoj Negi says," Garhwal is beautiful- it's where nature is at its explored while we have amazing Himalayas to be explored,and the legendary history like Panch Kedar temples and Devriyatal lakes surrounding it."